Berethor is a character that appears in Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. He is a human. Berethor is one of the six main characters of The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. Following Boromir, Captain of the white tower, he fights his way through the game. He is the first character that the player can play with and it is later shown that he was bewtiched by Saruman to waylay the journey of the ring.

Former Life Edit

Before he jumps into the adventure of The Third Age, Berethor was the captain of the guard of Gondor. He fought with Boromir and Faramir in Osgiliath and fled together with them. Called unworthy to fight for Gondor, he was banished by the steward of gondor, Denethor. After Boromir left for Rivendell, Berethor went after him.

Adventure Edit



During the adventure, Berethor will get new weapons and skills, and he falls in love with Idrial (an Elf-maiden of Lothlórien). They meet a few other soldiers and kinsmen who join them, including a Dúnedain Ranger named Elegost, a Dwarf Warrior from Erebor named Hadhod, and Eaoden, a spearman in Theoden's Royal Guard. He gets to know more and more about his (and his companions') past. Then, Berethor meets a Rohirrim shield-maiden named Morwen. Again Berethor falls in love, this to the frustration of Idrial. At the end, Berethor will go with Morwen, to start their own adventure.

Chapter one - EregionEdit

Journey to RivendellEdit

At the start of The Third Age, the player follows the journey of Berethor, as he follows Boromir to Rivendell. While Boromir sits the council, Berethor is ambushed by a group of Nazgûl, who were probably seeking to assail Boromir. Berethor fights bravely, but is overcome and wounded by the Nazgûl. Before they can deliver the killing blow, however, Idrial rushes to his aid, subduing the Nazgûl with water magic. She then revives him with a gift of the elves, after which Berethor declares himself in her debt. They then set off to an elven way-station to heal his wounds and equip him for the long road ahead.

The mountain passEdit

In the mountain pass, Berethor and his elven companion came upon a ranger called Elegost. After clearing the pass full of Wargs and Orcs, they set upon a quest to track down an orc who stole a map from Elegost. At first the gondorian didn't trust the ranger and vice versa, only Elegost gained some trust in the gondorian after Idrial voiced for him, in name of the lady of the light. After the group rescued the elven altars from corruption and finding the map, they went back down the mountains, in search of Elegost's friend.

Meeting with a dwarf and the journey to EreborEdit

When they got back down, Elegost tracked his dwarven friend and the group was able to find him, deadlocked in a battle with a troll. Thanks to Berethor's sword the party could withstand the troll's fury. Following the fellowship, the party set out for Erebor.


Berethor is the leader of the company, which is the reason why he is the only person to have Leadership Skills. His primary skill, though, is Sword Craft, which allows him to use powerful attacks that stack with his already high strength rating.

Sword CraftEdit

Guardian Strike A sword attack that does increased damage.
Orc Bane A sword attack that doubles damage against Orcs.
Shattering Strike A sword attack that lowers one enemy's armor rate.
Counter Attack Gives Berethor chances to counterattack.
Citadel Rage A two-strike sword attack.
Uruk-hai Bane A sword attack that doubles damage against the Uruk-hai.
Ecthelion Wrath A three-strike sword attack.
Defensive Strike A sword attack that prevents counterattacks.
Targeted Strike A sword attack that ignores enemy armor.
Stunning Strike A sword attack that inflicts Stun status.
Gondor Rampage A five-strike sword attack.


Company Might Raises strength of all allies.
Company Valor Raises Luck of all allies.
Stand Fast All allies are immune to Stun status.
Fellowship Grace Gradually restores AP of all allies overtime.
War Call Two party members each gain a free attack against one enemy.
Company Resistance All allies take less damage against magic attacks.
Company Rally The Perfect Mode gauges of all allies gain more.
Royal Grace Gradually restores HP of all allies overtime.
Shield of Courage All allies have status ailments removed and gain immunity to Fear status.
Last Gasp The HP of all allies will not drop below 1 HP unless at that point.
War Cry Three party members each gain a free attack against one enemy.
Company Power Increases chances of Critical Hits from all allies.
Captain's Inspire The actions of all allies have reduced AP cost.

Passive SkillsEdit

Citadel Might Increases Berethor's strength.
Ithilien Inspiration The AP cost of Berethor's actions are reduced to 25% during Perfect Mode.
Rising Valor Increases Berethor's AP pool.
Gondorian Evade Gives Berethor chances to dodge attacks.
Challenge of Gondor Increases Berethor's attack power when taunting a foe.
Increased Armor Increases Berethor's armor rate.
Citadel Evasion Increases Berethor's evasion rate.
Double Attack Takes two additional actions from 'Sword Craft' and 'Leadership'.
Ecthelion Might Increases Berethor's HP pool.

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