Idrial is the first out of two playable, female characters in Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. She is an elf sent by Galadriel from Lothlórien, to find Berethor of Gondor. She rescues Berethor from the blades of the Nazgul in Eregion, and accompanies him in his quest. They are then joined, in order, by the Dunedain ranger, Elegost, Hadhod the Dwarf, the rohirrim shieldmaiden Morwen, and Eaoden, a spearman of Theoden's Royal guard.

After healing Berethor, the two set out for an Elven outpost to resupply Berethor with weapons and provisions and to fully heal him. Once they depart from the outpost they discover Saruman has betrayed them. He sends foul orcs and wargs which constantly assail the pair in Eregion but the Isengarders are no match for the devastating combination of Berethor and Idrial. During their travels through the forest, they rescue a convoy of elves from a band of orcs. One of the she-elves, recognizing Idrial, informs her that "she found him." Berethor, not understanding, demands an explaination from Idrial. She hastily tells him it is nothing and the two continue on.

After, they meet a Ranger called Elegost, though at first Berethor and Elegost do not like each other. In order to win Elegost over, Idrial vouches for Berethor, saying she comes in the name of The Lady of the Galadrim. Elegost than submits to their requests to join them. He than says they should meet with a Dwarf friend of his by the name of Hadhod. After finding the dwarf, they discover that the Fellowship of the Ring is not far ahead of them, and follow them into Erebor.

After they meet with Eomer and have to rally the riders of Rohan to go to Helms deep. Berethor already in love with Idrial strays as he meets a new girl, a Maiden of Rohan called Morwen. Idrial and Morwen despise each other though, and only continue because of their quest to save Middle-Earth.

After going through the village they encounter Wormtounge and Berethor and Morwen slay him, shortly after they meet a royal guard to Theoden named Eaoden. Eaoden guides them to Helms deep which results in Idrial speaking to Legolas and Morwen talking to Gimli.

After Gandalf comes to save Helms Deep, the six head to Osgiliath to intercept the armies of Saruman, engaging two times with the leader of the force. Eventually, they have to abandon the post to the armies.

Idrial gets abducted by a Nazgul, As the other five members of the party venture through the sewers of Osgiliath to find her, she battles other horde members. Once the five others party members leave the sewers, they face down the Nazgul four times.

Once Berethor reaches the circle where Idrial is fighting, the Nazgul return. They defeat them, but not long after, the Witch-King of Agmar arrives. After one fight, Berethor discovers he cannot harm the Witch-King. Idrial finally tells him why she was sent to find him; he was once stabbed by a Nazgul blade, and the elves of Lothlórien had placed wards and enchantments upon him to prevent him from becoming one of the Ring-wraithes. With renewed vigour, Berethor then digs out the shard of the Morgul blade with his own knife. Now able to properly defeat the Lord of the Nazgul, he and Idrial proceed to battle him.

After the Witch-King is defeated, the reunited party flees Osgiliah for Minas Tirith on a raft. While traveling to the other side of the river, Idrial laments the city's fall to the Uruk-hai. Berethor than takes the oppertunity and quietly thanks her for aiding him in his fight against the Witch-King, saying "You have given me so much. I do not have the words to say what is in my heart." Understanding that he is really confessing his love, Idrial gently rejects his feelings for her, and advises him to instead choose Morwen.

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A servant of Galadriel, Lady of Light, Idrial is well versed in the art of mêlée combat and Magic. By utilizing her Healing powers, Idrial can quickly become the party healer, being able to heal her fellow party members, protect them from death, revive them, and hasten their turns. She is also adept at water magic, unleashing it's full power with Loudwater Fury and the dreaded Water Stallion.

Sword CraftEdit

Fluid Strike A more powerful sword attack.
Weakening Slash A sword attack that lowers strength of one enemy.
Wounding Strike A sword attack that inflicts Seizure status.
Elven Rage A two-strike sword attack.
Stunning Strike A sword attack that inflicts Stun status.
Leech Inspiration A sword attack that drains AP overtime.
Destined Strike A sword attack with more accuracy in exchange for less damage.
Gil-galad Rampage A three-strike sword attack.

Spirit PowersEdit

Gift of Elrond Restores HP to one ally.
Loudwater Fury Deals water magic damage to one enemy.
Haste of the Elves Speeds up one ally's time between actions.
Drain Inspiration Absorbs AP from one enemy.
Gift of Galadriel Restores greater HP to one ally.
Cleanse Shadow Removes all status ailments from one ally.
Aura of the Valar Automatically revives one ally if struck down.
Power of the Valar Revives one KO'd ally.
Valinor Endurance

Grants Idrial full immunity to status ailments, but she

cannot use any other skills during the time it is active.

Valorous Haste Allows one ally to take the next action.
Cleansing Waters Removes all status ailments from all allies.
Gift of the Grey Havens Restores greater HP to all allies.

Passive SkillsEdit

Elven Evade Gives Idrial chances to dodge enemy attacks.
Full Gift of Lorien Increases the amount of HP healed by Idrial.
Fury of the Valar Increases Idrial's magic damage input.
Maliorn Armor Slightly increases armor value of Idrial's equipment.
Fortune's Mastery Increases Idrial's evasion rate.
Elven Inspiration Increases Idrial's max AP.
Haste of the Valar Increases Idrial's effectiveness in hastening allies.
Endure Shadow Increases Idrial's resistance against shadow-based attacks.
Frenzy Allows Idrial to take two additional Spirit Power skills.
Grace of the Eldar Allows Idrial to gain back AP overtime.