Sambrog (Othrongroth)

Sambrog, the Wight-lord of Othrongroth.

"But unfortunately for you, this is the end of your journey. I am the lord of this Barrow, and am not intent on being removed. It is time for you to rest.... for eternity!" -Sambrog

Sambrog was a Wight-lord during the Third Age of Middle-Earth, namely during the War of the Ring, residing in Othrongroth, a Great Barow in the south of the Barrow Downs in the Old Forest. Sambrog was created for and appears only in Lord of the Rings: Online, where he is a boss at the end of the Othrongroth instance for players who are at least at Level 24.

Gaming HistoryEdit

Lord of the Rings: OnlineEdit

During the events of the War of the Rings, the player is in pursuit of the Witch-King of Angmar, discovering from the murdered crebain mistress Andraste that the Nazgul lord was making his way to Othrongroth. After fighting through numerous Wights and creatures, the player and their Fellowship was forced to confront the wight-lord himself. The battle was fearsome, with Sambrog calling in his own allies in the form of summonable shades which can recharge him if they are not defeated quickly enough. He has a few spells up his sleeve as well, casting Shadow Aura to do shadow damage to the player for five seconds, Terrifying Wind which does additional shadow damage for four senconds, and Dread which increases the player's dread stauts. While the player was a powerful warrior, it was soon apparent that Sambrog was too much for them, only being saved by the intervention of Tom Bombadil, who killed Sambrog once and for all. In the end, the player took the Wight-lord's helmet as a trophy.


  • Lord of the Rings: Online